August 4th 2016
If you are reading this and have read part 1 of “The Surrender” thanks so much for coming back to my blog!!! If you are reading this and have not read part 1, go back and read it right now. After that, come back over here as we close out “The Surrender”. Ok, so in picking up where we left off last time, I will quickly update you as to where I am with “my surrender”. About 2 and half years ago I decided to give guilt, excuses
July 4th 2016
  As I reflect back on my days as a young girl, I am amazed at where I found my inspiration from. I grew up in an urban town, made up mostly of minorities who looked much like I did. Words like inspiration; dreams; goals; no, they were not words that I heard too often. In all due respect to my parents, never once did we speak about my future, have talks about life after high school, my paren

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.