Our Leaders

 Marlon and Keena Wilson (MKW) are the founders of MKW Ministry. They have a passion for the people of God, a passion to give Gods message, and a positive message out to the masses. Marlon has been writing since he was twelve years old, starting with short stories, then full stories, now writing plays. He has written close to twenty plays, from "Where is my Morning?" to "The Home". All of  Marlon plays are filled with real life issues, and real life consquences. Again his hope is that everyone gets to see Jesus through them.

Keena does everything behind the scenes that MKW needs, from confirming the venues to setting the stage up. Whatever needs to get done, Keena does it. You will always see Keena at the end of shows, and concerts, whether its introducing people, our giving well wishes. 

Marlon and Keena are  currently the senior Pastor and 1st Lady of Travelers Fellowship Community Church in Piscataway NJ. They have been the Pastor and 1st lady there since 2008, but both have been at the church since they  were five and seven years old. Its their goal to point people to Christ in all they do, whether its their marriage, their ministry, but definitely with  their life.

Marlon has been married to Keena Wilson since 2004, and together they have two children, Christopher and Madison.





I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.